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Alexander Dickson Primary School Alexander Dickson Primary School

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  P1/ P2     2023 - 2024

Welcome to P1 / P2



 Our teacher is Mrs Muirhead and Mrs Armour and Mrs Jones help us in the classroom and outdoors too.

We love to learn new things and to work and play with our friends.


 Here are some photographs of what we have been doing. Existing parents can check Class Dojo for more information.




  Our Trip to Belfast Zoo

  Kinedale Donkeys visit P1 - P3

 Everyone thoroughly enjoyed meeting Peanut and Tinkerbell and having the opportunity to lead them in the playground. The children liked touching and brushing the donkeys. Robert,from Kinedale Donkeys told P1- P3 information about donkeys and the children asked questions about Peanut and Tinkerbell.

  World Book Day

This year everyone was encouraged to dress up as a word to celebrate World Book Day. P1/ P2 showed great creativity as they represented different words. 

 We decided to show everyone in the community our great selection of words and creative costumes. P1/ P2 & P3/ P4 participated in a Vocabulary Parade which everyone enjoyed.

Our Toy Shop

  P1 / P2 are enjoying role play in our Toy Shop. 

Decorating Christmas Trees 


 P1 and P2 enjoyed decorating Christmas trees using iPads.

Christmas Numberwork

 P1 matched Numicon shapes to numbers shown in a Christmas picture.

P2 enjoyed playing a Christmas Tree Number Bingo game with a partner.

They rolled 3 dice, added the numbers shown on the dice and found the bauble on the tree to match the total.

      Friendship Week

   P1 and P2 discussed a selection of pictures showing examples of - A good friend / Not a good friend. P1 sorted pictures according to - A good friend / Not a good friend. 

P1 and P2 suggested different ways to be a good friend in the classroom and in the playground.

 The Three Little Pigs

 Our World Around Us topic this term is ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

P1/ P2 enjoyed using puppets to retell the story with their friends and reciting the familiar phrases associated with the story. The children participated very well in the different activities related to ‘ The Three Little Pigs’.

They had opportunities to program Bee- Bot to travel to various pictures of the little pigs and houses on a grid.

  P1 sequenced pictures to continue repetitive patterns associated with the story.

  Problem Solving Skills were developed as P1/P2 selected the appropriate Numicon number shapes to design the different houses.

   P2 selected and sequenced picture and phrase cards to make sentences about the three little pigs.


   P1/ P2  designing houses for the three little pigs.

Look at the lovely straw houses designed by P1/P2.

Look at the lovely stick houses designed by P1/P2. Everyone enjoyed gathering sticks and twigs in our school grounds to use for their stick houses.

  P1/P2 designed brilliant brick houses.

 P1/ P2 enjoyed working with a partner to program the wolf to travel to the straw house, the stick house and the brick house.


 P2 enjoyed reading a story to their friends in P1.

 P1 listened attentively as a friend in P2 read them a story.

 P1 Reading Activity using Oxford Reading Tree puppets .

 P1 selected animals and vehicles to make sentences.


  P1/ P2 enjoy visiting our ICT Suite to develop their mouse control skills.They engage in Literacy and Numeracy related tasks which require them to click and drag pictures on screen.

  P1/P2 like using iPads and the Interactive Whiteboard to develop their sequencing, counting and phonic knowledge.

  Choosing Time

During Choosing Time P1/ P2 have the opportunity to use a variety of resources and to interact with each other. They develop their social skills by taking turns to engage in different activities and as they communicate with each other during play. P1/P2 are very creative and are so excited to show their work to their friends.

  Outdoor Play

  School Library




P1/ P2 enjoy visiting our School Library to select books and to listen to stories.

Everyone likes to sit on the comfortable bean bags and settees to read books.

P1 / P2.  2022 - 2023

     Sports Day

Everyone participated brilliantly in the different races and had great fun.

This year the children took part in a Sprint Race, a Bat and Bean Bag Race, a Hurdles Race and a Sack Race. Everyone tried their best and finished the races.

 P1/ P2 enjoyed a trip to Streamvale Farm on 17th May 2023.

The weather was wonderful and the children enjoyed feeding and touching the different animals.Our tour guide was Amy and she told the children lots of information about the animals and answered their questions too. Thank you Amy for showing us around Streamvale Farm and for making our visit so enjoyable.

     Easter Craft

P1/ P2 made lovely Easter Chick pictures, Rabbits and Easter Egg Magnets.🐥🐥🐇

 PTA  Wacky Hair Day

 Amazing and creative hairstyles, everyone looked great.

   Shopping  Trip

P1 /  P2  walked to the village to find shops which sold different items on their shopping lists.They looked carefully in the different shops and found all the items on their shopping lists. Everyone brought 25p to spend on our shopping trip.
P1/ P2 were delighted to buy Freddo bars of chocolate.



P2  building cvc words using Phonics Cubes.


P1 using picture cards to make sentences.

Writing the middle and final sound to make words.

 Outdoor Play



Developing mouse control by dragging the numbers to match each set.

P1 using iPads to develop counting and sequencing skills.

P2 developing their ability to add numbers using iPads.

  Choosing Time

Friendship Week

 P1 and P2 wore odd socks to school and described their odd socks to their friends.

 They enjoyed looking at the different socks and had fun designing a pair of odd socks.



Sorting pictures - A Good Friend / Not a Good Friend

P1 and P2 suggested different ways to be a good friend.